Homoeopathic Consultation

  • Homoeopathy is a fast growing alternative system of medicine. Homoeopathy has answer for each health problem, like from the simple acute cold, Cough or indigestion, typhoid fever to chronic health issues like allergic skin or respiratory conditions, gastric problems, renal or kidney problems, cancers, female realted health issues like menstruation abnormalities, PCOD, INFERTILITY, orthopedic or bone related problems like arthritis, old injuries, back pain, neck pain (lumbar, cervical spondlysis) etc. Thyroid related health issues like hyper or hypothyroidism, type 1& 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension etc. In homoeopathy we also treat various health problems of children with significant results.

  • In homoeopathy we strongly believe that every individual is different. As the physical features differ like eyes or shape of the nose or even built so does our emotional aspect differ from each other. No two persons are the same and no two diseases are the same. Hence we follow a holistic way of treatment and an individualized approach for each patient we treat in our clinic.

  • Every patient coming to VCC is given lot of importance in regards to his/her illness. Each finest detail of the patient is enquired, noted down and studied well before giving the medicine. Hence first visit to a homoeopathic physician takes minimum ½ hour hence all the new cases/patients are requested to take prior appointments to save your and our time. In subsequent follow ups again all the parameters are checked by the doctor and suitable medicine is given to the patient.

Diet And Nutrition Consultation/Obesity Clinic
  • Diet : Balanced food. The term diet is misused in many circumstances. DIETING IS NOT STARVING. Dieting is eating healthy, in a proper way and at regular intervals. We always refer an individual here as CLIENT

  • None of the foods what we eat are fattening like rice or potato, food what we eat is not responsible to gain or lose weight. The unhealthy eating patterns what we follow make us to gain weight.

  • Balanced food with regular exercises helps an individual to maintain health, look younger, and stay sick free.

  • In VCC DIET CHARTS are planned for the clients as per their weight and BMI. Again every individual is different and according to the health status of the client the food changes are suggested.

  • Each client’s needs are enquired in detail, eating patterns, other health problems are studied and diet charts are planned accordingly.

  • Diet patterns differ for weight loss or weight gain. It also differs in medical related problems like diet charts for type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension, high HDL food diet charts, high cholesterol problem related diets charts, diet charts for renal conditions, thyroid problems etc.

  • As it needs time clients are requested to take prior appointments.

  • Exercise programme will be scheduled and given to the clients according to their diet charts.


Counseling And Psychotherapy

  • Counseling is a process in which a trained counselor makes an attempt to help another to understand and to solve his/her adjustment problem.

  • Counseling and psychotherapy is nothing but the “TALKING CURE”

  • The major objective of counseling is to help the individuals to become self sufficient, self dependent and self directed to understand and cope up with the problems what they are facing. Here clients are provided assistance to enhance their personal, social, emotional and intellectual development.

  • Why people come for counseling?? Because he/she is in pain, they have emotional, adjustment problems. During the process of counseling the client is helped to reassess his/her coping skills (to deal with the problems at emotional level, at home, work place etc.)

  • At VCC counseling is offered for all the age groups, from the children to old aged individuals.

  • VCC offers counseling for MR or special children and to their parents, ADHD, children with adjustment, emotional problems. Underperformance at school, school refusal, stress related problems, difficult concentration, battered children, molested children etc.

  • Counseling for women : Emotional and adjustment problems, lack of work efficiency at home or at work place, menopausal syndrome etc.

  • Counseling for adolescents : Career guidance, problems of college going youngsters, lack of confidence or concentration problems etc.

  • VCC also offers marital counseling, family counseling, group counseling.

  • VCC offers counseling and psychotherapy for de addiction- alcohol abuse, drug abuse or dependencies.

  • VCC offers counseling for old age problems, anxiety disorders, OCD, phobia, post traumatic stress disorders and other psychological problems.